Where Does The Guidance Come From?

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Me: Where do you get the guidance from? Is it all from you or do you ask other guides? 

My Spirit Guide, Cabes: You think the guidance I give you comes from me alone. Not so, child. Remember when you went to family gatherings and someone would ask a question then be overwhelmed with answers from everyone? It is like that when you ask a question or ask for guidance. There are other guides here along with your family and ancestors and anyone who has ever loved you, plus the angels and archangels who look over you. Each answers when you ask a question or ask for guidance.

There are more rooting for you here than you could imagine. I just gave you the gift of seeing them all, for a moment.  There were hundreds around you. You are never alone because all your Spirit Team is always with you and gladly wait for you to chat to them.

You pulled a card for guidance for today and the guidance came to you immediately. Keep asking, child. We won’t let you down.

Card Pull.

Card pulled from The Akashic Tarot:

Card pulled from The Akashic Tarot
(From The Akashic Tarot by Sharon Anne Klingler & Sandra Anne Taylor)

You smell the mustiness of the place you’re in. It’s a hiding place and you have been hiding there for some time. Now it is time to leave there and come back into the world. What is past is history and you have nothing to fear from it. The metal bars keeping you in that place are of your making and it is up to you to take them down so you can be free.

Imagine how good it will feel when you are finally out of your hiding place. The freedom! The peace! No more beating yourself up for a mistake you made years ago. You learned your lesson, did the inner work and found peace and self-awareness along the way. No lesson is a waste of time when transformation takes place. You are not the person you were.

Life is for living. Go live it, child!


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