No More Tarot Readings?

Bull moose

Me: No more tarot readings, Cabes? Not even one card? 

Cabes: Pull one card, if you must. Your confidence has taken a knock over the last while and you allowed it to block me, too. Trusting me to channel through you is helping to build your confidence. You don’t want to repeat the recent lessons which knocked your confidence. You’ll only have to do them again but they’ll be much worse next time around.

You know this, child. Pull one card when you receive insight and share it with the others.


One Card Pull from the Akashic Tarot by Sharon Anne Klingler & Sandra Anne Taylor. Card pulled: 8 of Forces. 

You may be feeling ungrounded and disorientated because of downloads you’ve been receiving over the last few months. They go right to the heart of you then go where they’re needed, and then they embed themselves. This can cause feelings of being ungrounded and disorientated because you’ve been unexpectedly hit with a load of info which needs to be integrated. When the integration is complete, you’ll feel more like your usual self.






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