Chatting With Cabes, Spirit Guide, 7 Dec 2021

Bull moose

Me: Cabes, my cards don’t seem to be working for me. None of them. Even the oracle cards have stopped working and I don’t understand why. 

Cabes, Spirit Guide: You don’t need to use cards now. You started with two, then worked up through five and six when using spreads. Using cards limits me to keep within tight boundaries to gain your trust.

When you asked for long readings, I gave you long channels. When you wanted short readings, I gave you short channels. You’ve been aware for some time that the cards no longer gelled with you but didn’t know what the cause was. You thought you needed more cards but I was waiting for you to put the cards down. Put all the cards down and speak or write what I give you.

Do you not see how you’ve grown? Going from one card through to not needing cards, only me? Be confident in this, child. You can trust me; you’re one of my vessels to get my message out to where it’s needed. It’s so badly needed.

Many humans think it’s going to be a massive change that affects everyone at the same time, like when governments lock down countries because of the infection. It’s not; quite the opposite. We spirit guides work with one person at a time. We are many so many people are being developed, like you are, at a time.


(Shan the Tarot channelling Cabes, her spirit guide).

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  1. The magic is in the messages between you and Cabes..the cards are just another way to share the messages and offer perspective. I’m loving these blogs..thank you for sharing.

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