Channelled Message From Spirit 6 Dec 2021

Bull moose

Message from Cabes, 6 December 2021:

You’ve been hiding your gift. Keeping it to yourself because you didn’t want to be laughed at or told you couldn’t really read or channel spirit. That’s rubbish.

You need to take this out and exercise it each day. Read for yourself; read for your teddy. Read for anyone, anywhere, just so long as you read.

You have a precious gift. It’s a special gift. Stop using it where you think you’ll gain experience. You don’t need some of those experiences – they’re taking you away from your true calling which is to channel spirit. You’re doing it now with no cards. Just sitting here typing what’s coming into your mid. That’s me putting thoughts into your mind which is what “channelling” is. Just keep doing this, that’s all I ask.

Do this when you meet with your followers, and the others who’ll see your light and come to you. Keep doing what you’ve started. The new group and the new blog. That’s how you’ll reach people who need to hear your / my messages.

Don’t be afraid, child. Do what is coming naturally to you. You haven’t lost me. You just lost your way a little. You pushed a door, thinking it was the way to go. You quickly realised it was not your path, learned the lesson, and did a U-turn.

Feel how your heartspace is filling; that’s our love coming through. You’re starting to recognise when an offer isn’t for you. This will help you set boundaries.



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